Welcome, Fellow Life Travelers:

May you be well and happy! We meet each other here via our common wish – to improve the quality of our inner life. In doing so, we realize more loving kindness, inner peace, and inner joy.

Please feel free to regard Life Traveler’s Circle as your special HOME, a place where you share wisdom and inspirations with others and where others share theirs with you. This sharing may be just one word, a paragraph, a story or an event, a song, a poem, or a photo. The objective is to help all of us develop a purer heart, a gentler smile, and more loving eyes that reflect our soul. Please respect each other and limit the materials that you post here to the G-rated level.

Life Traveler’s Circle, like all in life, is impermanent. It is a co-creation. You are welcomed to submit suggestions to Welcome@lifetravelerscircle.org.